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General Terms and Conditions of
Please read these legal terms carefully before using this site or making a
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Our goal is to offer you the best and most comfortable experience in Málaga.
The next policies and procedures show our commitment with the hosts and guests
when they offer and you book an apartment.
Users are responsible for complying with all policies here listed.
When you book with us through this website, your are accepting all policies here
listed, including the changes you make in your book once this one is already
We recommend you to read carefully these policies before you book an apartment
with us, since it is necessary the acceptance of general terms and conditions to do
Please, read carefully the following.


Our special system automatically determine and show you the best options and
fees when you are looking for an apartment. If any option fits with your preferences,
you can book online directly in the ad.
First payment. Once you pick and book an apartment, you should pay the first online
payment by your credit card or bank transfer (this first payment is 50% from the
total fee not including the extra charges like the cleaning or parking fees).
Sometimes the payment by credit card is not valid because the bank agreements,
so if this happens, our staff will contact you by phone or email you provide.
If it’s not possible to change the payment method or contact you, the booking will
be automatically cancelled. In this case, en email will be sent to you confirming this
Booking confirmation. Once you pay the first payment (50% from total), the booking
will be automatically made, and you will recieve a wellcome email with all the
information about your booking (including dates, address, contact…)
Last payment. The other 50% from total and the extra charges like claening and
parking fees, will be charged 15 days before your arrival.
If you book an apartment less than 15 days before the arrival, 100% fee will be charge
when you make the reservation, and you will recieve an email with the info booking
when the payment is approved.


The fees here listed are in EUROS, and they can change depending the season or
special city events. Because if this, reserves the right to
vary and update the fees.


Minimun stay can vary depending on the apartment and the season (you can check
in every apartment ad specifically). reserves the right to vary and update the minimun stay.


Check in time is 12pm to 10pm. If you want to check in after 10pm you must pay an
extra fee (from 20 to 30 euros).
Check out time is before 12pm.
You should always inform about the time you arrive. It’s a key condition the guests
inform about 2 days before at least. If they don’t, we can not guarantee the
apartment is ready for the check in.
In addition, it’s very important the guests call us (to this number +34 653 423 751)
when they arrive to Málaga, when they get their luggages in the airport, or at least
30min before they get to the apartment, because in this way our staff can go to the
apartment and wait there for them.
When the guests get to the apartment, they mush show their Passports (every
person over 16).
Check out after 12pm without express permission from
implies a charge for an extra day fee.

SECURITY DEPOSIT can ask you for a security deposit fee. This fee can go
between 200 euros and 300 euros. This special charge can be made when you pay
by credit or debit card when you book the apartment. However, you can pay this
amount in cash as well when you arrive to the apartment (this extra fee can vary
depending the apartment, so we recommend you to check carefully the description
of every add you are interested in).
When you leave the apartment we’ll check everything is ok and no damages are
made (including the lost of the keys). If everything is ok,
malagadevacaciones.comwill give you back the security deposit money. If you lost
the keys, only 50 euros will be charge instead of the whole security deposit amount. Works with common sense and empathy, so we ask you
to leave the apartment as clean and organised as you found it, including garbage
free and leaving the keys where is indicated.


If, for some reason, you need to change or cancel your booking after this one is
confirmed, commits to resolve the issue if it is suitable.
However, if you need to reduce the total amount of days or people who is coming,
the fee will not change, and the first fee you pay will be charge completely.
In other hand, if you need to change the apartment, you need to cancel the first
booking attending the cancelation policy, and then you need to book the new one.


Please, if you wish to cancel or modify your reservation, remember that the amounts paid for reservations will not be refunded or transferable if they are not communicated 15 days prior to your reservation. The refund of your reservation, if applicable, will be made by bank transfer within a maximum period of 7 working days., will only accept cancellations or modifications of your reservation in writing by email.

Failure to show up on the agreed date without prior notice will result in the charge of the full stay.

Cancellations of any kind will be subject to these cancellation conditions.

Cancellations due to force majeure must be justified by official bodies and may be made up to 48 hours prior to arrival.

On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Since then, it has evolved rapidly and governments around the world have taken diligent action to curb its spread.

To address the situation, our Force Majeure policy provides pandemic-specific coverage to protect our tenants and provide them with peace of mind.

Cancellations by COVID-19 will be subject to the circumstances and timing of each Country. When a cancellation meets the established requirements (border closure, perimeter closure of the city/community), commits to refund the full amount of your reservation.



Any claim or complaint need to be notified as soon as possible, and we commit to
resolve the issue if it is suitable. will be not responsable for issues outside this Company
itself as follows:
- Loud noises from other places or buildings
- Construction noises
- Technical malfuctions (light shutdown, elevator on maintenance…)
Any claims or complaints made after your stay will be not considerated, and there
will be not compensation or refund.


The electricity, water and gas supplies fees are included in the total price of the
apartment. Every apartment will be cleaned before any arrival, and towels and
sheets will be provided.
If your stay is longer than 10 days, extra towels and sheets will be provided.
It must be necessary to leave the apartment in the same conditions you found it
when you arrived, this means organised and cleaned. will not returned your security deposit money if the
apartment is not found in the same conditions when you arrived.
Please don’t leave the keys in the lock inside the apartment or we will be forced to
charge you extra money for the repairing services.


The guests commits to follow the apartment rules and rest hours. This includes the
garbage collection schedule and the energy use rules.
It is not allowed to host any kind of party or celebration (including bachelor or
bachelorette parties).
More people than permited are not allowed to stay in the apartment in no case and
under no circumstances (save the children under 2 years old).
If any of this rules are not followed, reserves the right to
ask the guests to leave the apartment with no refund requirements. and the owners are not responsible under any
circumstances of any direct or indirect damages caused by an inappropriate use of
the apartment just like construction damages, fires, theft and robery, or crime.
When you book and apartment with you commit to not
do any dangerous, offensive, loudly, illegal and immoral activity. Furthermore, this
includes to not disturb the neighbourhood.
If any damage is caused by you or a member of your group because any of this
activities, you will support the costs.


Lost items we find in the apartments will be held for 2 months.
It is your responsability to prevent any theft or robery in the apartment. Make sure
you close the door and windows properly when you are not in the apartment and go
Please remember that and the owners are not
responsible under any circumstances of any direct or indirect damages caused by
reasons outside our control like crime, fire, terrorist attack, street violence…
WEBSITE tries to check and keep the info about any apartment
here listed upgraded. However, this company is not responsible if any mistake is
made by reasons outside our control. In addition,
reserves the right to change any info like fees, descriptions and photos and
upgrade them at any time.
ONLINE PAYMENT AND PRIVACY STATEMENT commits to keep the guests’s data, information and


Where any conflict or disagreement about, applicable
jurisdiction will fall to the Courts or Tribunals of Málaga and Spain. If you have any
claim or complaint you can send an email to us, looking for an amicable settlement
of disputes.

According to the provisions of art. 90.2 RDL 1/2007

* All of our prices may vary depending on demand and occupancy*